children-safe kitchen set

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The safe & fun way to learn cooking

Designed to be just like real kitchen utensils, our kid-friendly kitchen tools are completely safe for your toddler's hands.

These tools cannot hurt their skin, so you can teach your child how to prepare food without worrying about them getting seriously cut or injured.


For those little hands that love to help...

Gift your child not just a set of tools, but the joy of creation, the satisfaction of contributing, and an opportunity to feel helpful.

Join thousands of parents & grandparents who cherish these kitchen moments and offer your kids a lifelong skill.


Fruits & veggies over sugary snacks

Want your kid to pick fruits and veggies over sugary snacks ? Let them craft fun shapes out of them using our kitchen set!

It's simple: children take pride in what they create, making those carrots and apples far more enticing than candy.

Real play, without harfmul screens

Swap screen time for kitchen time! Our kitchen tools for kids offer a healthier alternative.

Engage their hands, boost their creativity, and build life skills — all while keeping them away from harmful screens.

100% safe & functional

With our 100% safe and non-sharp set, invite your little helper to the kitchen without a second thought.

But it's also practical, designed to tackle real cooking tasks. So, while they're having fun, they're also making a real contribution to the meals.

Practice cooking in a safe & fun way

Teach your little ones how to cook without having to worry about bloody kitchens or accidents – use knives & different cutting tools and make delicious meals, knowing that it’s literally impossible for your kids to injure themselves using the safe kitchen set.

Teach appreciation & independence

Practicing cooking at an early age is the base of every independent, successful person.

It’s easy for kids if they’ve been handed out meals their whole life, but when they start cooking by themselves, they’ll quickly realize that meals don’t grow on trees & it takes a lot of effort to bring warm food on the table every day.

So what’s actually inside the package?

The package includes 4 different knives (large, medium, small & a bread knife), 1 peeler, 1 dinosaur shaped wooden cutter, 1 metal cutter, 3 uniquely shaped cutting frames (for transforming vegetables into cute figures like stars, hearts & animals!), 1 green large cutting board & 1 yellow large cutting board.