AirChill Mini AC

Color:  White


🔒60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

✔️ Instantly cool down your room
✔️ Sleep better without sweating
✔️ Feel more comfortable all day


Beat the Summer Heat

Tired of your house's AC not doing enough? It's time to take control of your temp!

Cool down your whole room in minutes with the AirChill™ Mini AC.


The Benefits of a Cool Room

Being hot all day sucks. No one wants to feel sweaty and sticky!

The AirChill™ guarantees that you'll sleep better, and feel more comfortable all day.

Water-Powered Technology

The AirChill™ takes in water and blasts out cool, misty air. It feels just like that first breath of fresh air on a cool, dewy morning!

This water-powered design allows it to reach every corner of your room and maximize the cooling effect.