Birkens Suede Unisex Clogs

Size:  US Men's 2 | Women's 4
Color:  Taupe


Experience the unparalleled comfort with the Birkens slip-on clog. Featuring a footbed design which provides unbeatable stability and optimal arch support, this shoe is great for casual hikes, strolls in the park, and relaxing on a lazy day. You walk, the shoe molds to your foot. The shape of the footbed enables body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot, providing it with optimal support.

The Birkens Suede Unisex Clog can easily be worn all year round. With its additional foam layer, the soft footbed offers extra comfort and pampers feet – all day long. The nature-inspired design is evident from the soft suede upper, which hugs the foot like second skin.

Size Guide


  • A Legendary Design
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Heel Mould
  • Interior And Exterior Longitudinal Arch Supports
  • Transverse Arch Support
  • Toe Grip
  • Footbed Edge