Brave Wings Wreath

Design:  2D Flat Design -8 inches


A Timeless Keepsake to Cherish: this 1 piece 4th of July hanging door sign with a hook is more than just a decoration;

It’s a symbol of loyalty. love. and pride for our nation;

This cherished keepsake can be passed down through generations as a poignant reminder of our nation’s rich history. shared dreams. and unyielding spirit.

Artisan Craftsmanship in Every Piece: each welcome patriotic door hanger is constructed from quality wood. boasting durability and a natural aesthetic that will not go out of style;

This timeless piece will endure not just the elements. but also the test of time.

Patriotic Theme Design: brought to life in shades of red. blue. and white. the Independence Day hanging door sign exudes a passionate patriotic appeal; Its Independence Day eagle garland. pentagram pattern is an arresting visual treat and a proud nod to our country’s vibrant history and ethereal beauty.

Properly Proportioned Patriotic Piece: this wooden Independence Day decoration is an ideal size. neither too imposing nor too subtle. to grace your doorway. living room. office. or any other space that could use a touch of patriotic charm.

Functional Art for Any Setting: beyond just a door hanger. this American rustic wooden plaque serves as a charming decorative accent in virtually any setting; Add a patriotic atmosphere to your home. office. school. or commercial establishment. or use it to elegantly mark your participation in national celebrations and presentations.