BUG BULBS - Powerful Zapper Attracts and Kills Flying Mosquitos

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Bug Bulb has a round, 360° design so it lures flying insects in from all angles. It fits perfectly into a corner of your room, deck, or right in the middle of your yard.

Bug Bulb is totally rechargeable, which is awesome because you can use it without being stuck to a wall outlet.

And on a full charge, the battery can last up to 20 hours in lantern mode! Good luck finding another portable insect zapper with a battery life like that.

But what really impressed me was that Bug Bulb creates a UV frequency that mosquitoes can’t resist!

Bug Bulb uses a unique technology called UV Zap Tech that emits the same frequency of UV that silently attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects. They just can’t resist!

One of the features that make Bug Bulb a must-have is the handy hanging hook which lets you hang it or carry it practically anywhere.

If you like spending time in the park or outdoors, Bug Bulb is completely portable for on-the-go insect zapping.

I took Bug Bulb outside and set it up in my yard.

I wanted to test if it got rid of the mosquitoes around the house plus those in the surrounding area.

I honestly couldn’t believe what happened next!

Within a matter of minutes, I could no longer see, hear, or feel any mosquitoes. I checked under the plants and in the corners where bugs would hang out.

I even asked my wife if she sensed any pesky bugs. All we could hear was a quiet ‘zap’ ‘zap’ every time a mosquito would get zapped by Bug Bulb!

And just like that... my home was totally peaceful and mosquito-free.

Since that day two weeks ago, no one has gotten a single mosquito bite.