SheCurve® Built-In Bra Swim Romper🔥

Size:  XS
Color:  Rose


The Best Swimsuit Ever!

We firmly believe that vacations is the most rewarding time of the year to let go of your stress and have fun with your peers at the beach/pool!

Why don't you play with me in this versatile swimsuit?

Our swimsuit is made to be versatile and effortless. No more baggy t-shirts. extra cover-ups and awkward holes or strings or clasps! Just swimwear rich in comfort. style and practicality.

💧Worried about your swimsuit looking wet? 

Because our suits are equipped with a water resistant coating. when splashed water will roll right off. but when fully submerged. your suit will become wet and may stick to the body a tiny bit; however. the suits really do hold their shape! 

We believe in loving and embracing your body for exactly how it is. This Swim Romper with removable bra cups and luxury inner lining is supportive. enhancing and flattering to suits around while still offering a loose. comfortable fit.  

🩱Nursing-Friendly & Tummy Control

The Swim Romper is features with crossed v-neck. ruffle shoulder and hem design. nursing-friendly for moms and creates a flattering look in style. ruffled sleeves and shorts come for a sophisticated take on a tropical-inspired look.

Tummy control with inner bottom attached at the waist and inner construction detailing. enable women to feel in control while wearing the Swim Romper. offering added support and shape.

🌴Summer Beach To Swim. For You Always!

Perfect for Tropical Vacations. Summer. Beach and Swimming Pool. Honeymoon. and Cruise.

✨3 New Styles For You To Choose


  • Supportive bra with 1-inch elastic band
  • Removable bra cups
  • Luxury inner lining
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Ruffled sleeves and shorts
  • Functional pockets

Fabric: Polyester fiber

Size Chart 

How To Care

  • Rinse in cold water immediately after wearing to remove chlorine. salt water. sunscreen. or natural body oils.
  • Hand-wash your suits in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent or hand soap. Do not bleach. iron. or tumble dry.
  • Lay flat to dry away from the sun to dry gives the fabric a chance to reshape. Hang drying can stretch out your suit. Pat away any excess water.
  • To Prevent Color Fading. pretreat by soaking your suit in 2 tbsp of vinegar to a quart of cold water for half an hour.