Cordless Electric Facial Hair Removal Epilators

Set:  1PCS


Hair Removal Epilators From The Root So It Doesn’t Grow Back Thicker and Take Weeks to Show

  • Enjoy Your Hair-Free, Smooth Skin Up to 6 Weeks
  • Perfect For Removing Hair From Legs, Face, Armpits & Private Areas
  • Works on the smallest of hairs so you can have the smoothest skin

1 Simple Reason Why You’ll Love The

You’ll Enjoy The Benefits of Silk-smooth Skin For up to 6 Weeks

The Epilator has 18 automated tweezer technology that grab even the tiniest hairs from the root so that way they don’t grow back thicker when just cutting off the top of hairs. It will give you smooth silky skin. is designed to use for all sensitive areas. It’s perfect for removing hair from legs, face, armpits & private areas. It’s easy to clean and to carry around. is all around ideal product to keep your skin silky smooth.

3 Reasons Why Is The Must-Have

Powered With Batteries

Enjoy the convenience of wireless epilation. We all know how gadgets with wires make simple tasks more difficult. With no wires hindering around, it’s way easier to get your skin the hair clean.

Perfect To Carry With You

Bring with you wherever you go. Convenient pocket size allows you to bring to your vacations. What is more small size is convenient to store anywhere in your bathroom.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Forget uncomfortable cleaning. It’s super easy to maintain epilator. Simply wash it under the running water, dry it and leave it for the next time you’ll need it.

Myth #1 – Epilation is Painful

If you’re looking for something different, an epilator might be the hair removal method you’ve been searching for. This electrical device is designed to remove the hair directly from the roots.

Removing hair by the root may sound painful. And yes, some people experience a measure of discomfort with epilation, especially the first time. However the more you epilate, the less discomfort you’ll experience.

The benefits of using an epilator are undeniable. You’ll get smoother skin, the results last longer, it can remove shorter hair and may result in less body hair over time.

The benefits of Are Undeniable

Results vary from person to person, but you can expect smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. This is because it takes longer for hair to regrow when it’s removed from the roots.

Using may result in less body hair over time. With this method, hair grows back softer and finer. Hair may even regrow at a slower rate. The longer you epilate, the less hair you’ll notice on certain parts of your body.

3 Reasons Why Is The Must-Have


With you’ll get smoother skin, and the results may last longer than most other hair removal methods like shaving, depilatory creams, or tweezing. Get the silk-like skin you deserve.


is perfect to keep your legs smooth and soft for up to 4 weeks and more. After using hair grows back softer and finer, it may even regrow at a slower rate!


With you can remove soft shorter hair. It can be perfect for facal hair. We recommend to test out the epilator in a small area first as face is extremely sensitive area for many people.


has more tweezer heads and strong motor to help manage thicker hair. It will pull your hair with ease and leave you with smooth skin. Use oils or moisturizers without fragrances afterwards.

Super Easy to Clean And Maintain

Wash it under the running water after use, dry it and pack it for later use. Add occasional battery changes and that’s all maintenance you’ll need for your new .

will leave behind smoother skin, with results lasting up to 6 weeks. The more you use an epilator and improve your technique, the less discomfort you’ll feel and the better result you’ll get.


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