CUSTOM PET RUG - Tufted Rug - Personalised Pet Dog Portrait Rug

Size:  25.59‘’*31.49‘’
Buy More Save More (Can Be Different Pet Portrait):  Pack 1


  • Handmade
  • Width: 25.59‘’
    Length: 31.49‘’

Image Guidelines
Remember – the quality of your photo is crucial to your rug design. Make sure you refer to our guidelines below:

1. LIGHTING: Make sure your photos are taken in well-lit areas or under natural light settings (not in shadows).

2. POSE: Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet. Ensure the whole face and neck are visible in the photos. It is best if your pet is looking straight at the camera.

3. QUALITY: Make sure your photos are in high resolution and not blurry. Close-up photos would work best as we can see their unique facial features.

4. COLOR: As we do our best to match the color of your photo, please make sure you double check the colors on your photo before submitting them to us.

5. OTHERS: Please note that any pet accessories we see in your photo (including but not limited to collars, leashes, bows, hats, and outfits) will be shown on the rug. Should you like to remove the accessories, please include them in your remarks when you submit the photos to us.