Headache Relief Cap

Color:  Black
Quantity:  1 Pack


  • Remedy For All Types OfHead Pain

The Relief Cap provides fast natural relief using 360° compression M3 medical grade gel to relieve even the most chronicmigraine headaches. Great for hangovers and helping you fall asleep too!

  • FeelComplete Relief

Fall into deep shoulder-dropping relaxation as you feel all your pain points starting to ease. Cloud-like pillowy fabric with no velcros, straps, or hard uncomfortable ice packs that drip everywhere.

  • Cold & Hot Therapies

Dual therapy for personalized treatment of all types of headaches. Simply put it in the freezer or microwave.

  • Designed For You

Wear it over your eyes to block out 100% of light or above your eyes to get on with your daily tasks.

  • Quality Is Our Priority

Made only from the highest quality you can trust. The patent long-lasting M3 medicalgrade gel that doesn’t leak or condensate. One size fits all stretchy, form fitting snug fit for maximum comfort.


  • Gel: Patent Medical Grade M3 Gel
  • Fabric: Spandex
  • Weight: 700g

Engineered to freeze or heat at the perfect temperatures every time you need it. Insulated to hold the ideal temperature for 45 minutes to relieve even the most severe migraines & head pains.

How to use

Simply slide it over your head and feel the pain begin to melt away within minutes as you zen into complete relaxation and pain free comfort.

For cold cryotherapy, keep it in the freezer or fridge. Allow 2 hours to reach the ideal ‘frozen’ temperature.

For hot therapy, place it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds first then increase by 10 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached.

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