LuluPawz™ 3 in 1 Winter Coat

Color::  Red
Size (Please Check Size Guide Below)::  S


  • Your Dog Deserves The Best!
    He deserve to feel warm, trendy and cozy this winter!

    Trust in the number 1 dog jacket in New Zealand!

    The Lulupawz 3 in 1 jacket will help your dog keep warm this winter so you dont have to worry about cold or bad weather anymore !
    Get your Lulupawz 3 in 1 Jacket now and keep you dog warm and safe.

    The jacket offer a full weather protection. It is wind and water resistant so your dog will stay dry all day long, no matter the weather outside thanks to its full water resistance and waterproof surface. The jacket covers your dog's entire body and belly as well.

    The high quality zipper blocks wind and water from reaching your dog through the zipper. 

    With his new jacket, your pup will be able to go outside with you for hours without being cold, while being safe and comfortable. He'll also be able to play with other dogs!

    SIZE GUIDE (for all dogs and breeds)

    Your Pup will be fashionable with his new coat ! 
    We have created "Lulupawz" jacket so that your pet can be just as fashionable as yourself.

    The really high quality material we use ensures your dog will feel very comfortable.

    Adjustable & easy to use harness.

    Harness is integrated into the jacket, with sturdy D-rings for lead attachment so you don't need any additional harness or collar.

    Heading out in the cold with your furry pal? Don't mess around layering multiple items on your dog, or threading harnesses through coat holes. With our jacket you can ZIP, CLIP, and GO!

    The high quality material ensures your dog will feel very comfortable.
    We use a high quality cotton fleece to preserve your dog's body warm and to preserve his health.