Magic Bottle Brush

Color:  Green / Orange


Tired of endless manual scrubbing? The Magic Bottle Brush™ set is your solution for efficient and hygienic cleaning. With a touch of a button, this high-quality 360-degree rotating bottlebrush works effortlessly to banish dirt and bacteria, saving you precious time and ensuring a magical clean.

The Magic Bottle Brush™ set is very versatile, coming with a dedicated nipple brush to ensure safe overall baby bottles. The set also includes a precise strawbrush. From baby bottles to everyday cups and even dishes, this brush simplifies your cleaning routine.

Within its sleek design lies a secret: cutting-edge technology that makes bottle cleaning magical. Our brush is equipped with a powerful electric motor which has two different speed power modes. This dynamic duo ensures that every corner of your baby's bottles is thoroughly cleaned. 

Magic Bottle Brush™ takes hygiene to the next level with high-quality silicone bristles. These bristles are not only more durable but also scientifically proven 25x more hygienic than regular bristles. Say goodbye to germs lurking in those hard-to-reach places.

The Magic Bottle Brush body has a water-resistant IP65 rating. No need to worry if your brush gets exposed to water.


Your Magic Bottle Brush™ is always ready to perform, thanks to the built-in 2.0-hour lithium battery. The brush charges via USB, which is included in the set.