NeckSupport – Never snore again

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Join thousands of customers who have gotten rid of snoring and sleep apnea The NeckSupport from Vitavix stops snoring and sleep apnea because it addresses the root cause of the problem!

  • 100% Safe & Natural
  • Easy & comfortable to wear

Whether you’re struggling with snoring issues or sleep apnea, our NeckSupport is your answer to a peaceful and tranquil night.

With an ergonomic design that conforms to the contours of your neck, this advanced support ensures optimal alignment of the cervical spine during sleep. Realigning the cervical spine prevents the narrowing of the throat, allowing air to pass easily and preventing throat vibrations and breathing problems. By keeping the neck in its natural position, the airway remains open. This prevents throat vibrations and breathing issues.  

Get your good night’s sleep back!

With the Vitavix NeckSupport, a good night’s sleep becomes a natural part of your life again. You’ll notice waking up in the morning with renewed energy and a sense of refreshment that you’ve long missed. The restful sleep that once seemed elusive returns as a familiar companion, with each sleep cycle becoming an oasis of tranquility. Leave behind worries about snoring and sleep apnea as you envelop yourself in the support and comfort of the NeckSupport. Prepare for nights filled with uninterrupted rest, where your body rejuvenates and your mind renews itself, ready to embrace each new day with vitality.

Why Vitavix NeckSupport is a better choice compared to CPAP, mouthguards, or nasal devices?

Compared to CPAP devices, night guards, and nasal devices, the Vitavix NeckSupport offers a natural and comfortable solution for preventing snoring and sleep apnea. Unlike CPAP devices, which are often noisy, bulky, and uncomfortable, our NeckSupport is compact, silent, and easy to use, without the need for electricity or hoses. Night guards can cause discomfort and damage to the teeth, while nasal devices are often uncomfortable to wear and can interfere with natural breathing. With the Vitavix NeckSupport, you choose a natural, comfortable, and effective approach to a restful night’s sleep.

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