SmoothSpine Alignment Pillow – Relieve Hip Pain & Sciatica

Color:  Navy
Dimensions:  9.8*5.12*9.06 in


  • Protects the Spine from rotating and pulling – Support natural alignment of the back and hips
  • Prevents the Sciatic Nerve from getting pinched – Relief for your lower back, hips and legs
  • Stops painful bone-on-bone rubbing – Alleviate Arthritis
  • One-time investment – Save yourself the medical bills Look At How Others Are Loving Their SmoothSpine Leg Pillow

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Uninterrupted Nights, Pain-Free Days – Naturally Eliminate Sciatica & Hip Pain

Studies show that side sleeping without proper support can cause or worsen pain in the back, hips and knees. A leg pillow will prevent and alleviate that.As the University of Rochester explains, for side sleepers, placing a leg pillow between your legs will help you keep your body naturally aligned. This alleviates current symptoms of pain and prevents more serious issues like chronic pain and high-risk surgery.

  • Total Body Alignment

Sleeping with our leg pillow protects the spine from rotating and pulling, so your back and hips are in their natural alignment all night. Using our pillow also prevents the Sciatic Nerve from getting pinched. Save yourself the pressure, pain and tension – get back to doing what you love without physical pain.

  • Improves Blood Circulation

If you’ve woken up with tingling limbs or swollen legs, you might have poor circulation to blame.The elevation of putting a pillow between your legs will help blood flow through the ‘vena cava’, which is a major vein carrying blood to the heart and back.

  • Wake Up Pain Free

A good night’s sleep is essential to restoring your energy and mental awareness. It boosts your mood, but also helps you recover from illness or heal from an injury. So, if you are feeling ANY discomfort during the night or upon waking up, check your sleep posture. It should be your #1 priority every night.

  • Reduce Joint Pressure

Side sleeping with our leg pillow helps reduce pressure and strain on the joints, mainly the knees, hips and spine. It’s the perfect solution for alleviating symptoms of Arthritis.

Recommended By Health Professionals

The SmoothSpine Alignment Pillow has not only been tested by us and in-house, but it has also been sent out to dozens of Health Professionals to try out themselves and on clients that had the most severe issues. Physicians, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists trust the SmoothSpinePillow because of its superior design. By using the SmoothSpine Pillow, many patients report experiencing way less joint and muscle pain, mainly in the hips, lower back and legs. Additionally, they are experiencing better nights of sleep, less stress and overall feeling better upon waking up and throughout the day.Pain Relief Guaranteed We love our SmoothSpine Alignment Pillow and are confident you will too! That’s why we’re offering a Risk-Free Trial.