SnowBuddy 2023 Newest Members

Choose Your Pack:  Kitty (1pc)



🐿🦖😻Make Your Army Truly Inclusive 

In 2022, We Added 5 Brand New Members To The 'SnowBuddy' Family!

The new edition makes up for what people felt was missing in the legacy kit. Complete Your 'SnowBuddy Family' by getting our newest buddies. Colors will be random.

😻Kitty- is already a bit hit with people making snow kitties in the all kinds of places across the world- on roads, inside their homes, on the neighbour's lawns, and God knows where!

⛄️SnowMan- Ok, this one was a given and yes, we apologize there had to be a snowman in the original kit. I mean, what's winter without a snowman, and what's better than a snowman made in 3 seconds.

⚪️5-Snowball Maker- Makes 5 perfectly round snowball in seconds. No more cold or wet hands, soft snowballs for safe contact.

Last but not the least, we've also added A FREE Snow Play Kit along, so you have all the fun you deserve!

Recently, we have added 2 more SnowBuddies again on popular demand: Squirrel and Dino. Enjoy :)

So, now that you're all prepped for this winter,

Go, Take Over Your Neighbourhood With Your Own Little Army🎖!