Handcrafted Stained Glass Gifts

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This handcrafted stained glass measures approximately 5'' x 5.5'' / 12.7*14 cm.

Solder trim can be made with black patina or keep the silver finish. A chain is attached for hanging. I suggest you don't use a suction cup to hang the sun catcher, and of course you don't want to risk it falling off. Instead, place nails or screws above the window and hang the visor on a piece of clear fishing line attached to a chain.

Be gentle with your stained glass! :)

Most works can tolerate "normal" weather. Winter is not kind to glass either. We recommend that the glass should be cleaned with a damp cloth, if it has any "tarnish" - wipe it off. Wax if necessary, the wax will protect the solder and/or lead from oxidation caused by moisture, sun or rain. That's not to say they never oxidize, but waxes will delay oxidation for a long time. Do not use commercial window cleaners on leaded glass, as these solutions often contain ammonia, which may chemically react with the glass or filler compounds.

Remember - don't bend your stained glass! And no matter how much support it gets or how sturdy it looks - this piece is made of brittle material and it's fragile.

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