Strapless Bra by Deemli

Color:  Black
Cup Size:  A
Band Size:  32


The bra that does it all! Look and feel your best in anything you wear! 😍

Need a ALL-IN-ONE push up bra that shapes your body and fits perfectly? We got you covered!

This strapless bra is a must have for flawless, effortless beauty.
Our push up bras offer maximum support from all angles to give a natural-looking appearance while also staying comfortable and flexible for daily use.


Wear your favorite off the shoulder shirt without the hassle of hiding bra straps! This bra is strapless, sexy, and invisible under clothing. No need to worry about your bras falling down! With our anti-slip grip lining and snug fit, it will hug your body and stay in place the whole day.


MAXIMUM PUSH UP SUPPORT: Our push up bras are specially designed to provide the most push up support, while also looking natural and even. The inside is lined with ultra-soft thick padding on both sides to lift and support from all angles. The front closure design not only pushes upwards, but also inward so cleavage becomes more visible and rounder.

STRAPLESS: Bras are strapless! No more bra straps showing and ruining your outfit. Our bras offer the best comfort and fit for all day use.

SEAMLESS, INVISIBLE: Made with sheer material to eliminate bra lines from showing underneath clothing. Bra fits around body snuggly and is designed to remove the appearance of awkward curves. Smooths and shapes the body.

NO WIRES: Our bras are wireless and can easily be folded and stored. No metal or plastic wires ensure more comfort and longer use!

ANTI-SLIP: Back straps are lined with silicone to grip the skin and stay in place throughout the day. Additional back strap provides more anti-slip grip to ensure bra does not slip while active.

COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Our ultra-soft bras are made with high quality polyester to ensure the best comfort and fit possible.