The Busy Book – Designed for Cognitive Development

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Keep Your Little Ones Busy Without Screen Time!

Countless studies prove that screen time can be damaging to the attention span, social skills and cognitive development of young children, and cause a significantly higher risk of mental illness.

Your toddler will leave their screens behind instantly for our expert-designed Busy Books.

⦿ Alternative to harmful screentime
⦿ Designed by industry experts

Perfect For Long Journeys

Do you struggle to keep your toddler quiet, happy and well behaved on long rides without giving them the iPad?

Designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, our Busy Books are the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained on long flights & car rides for hours without having to resort to screens!

⦿ Perfect alternative for screens
⦿ Small, sturdy & lightweight

No Parents Required – Keep Your Little Ones Busy For Hours!

As parents, we know how hard it can be to find anything that will hold your child’s attention for long. The wide range of activities within each of our busy books means that for you, this will soon be a problem of the past!

Each activity is designed to be done by your child on their own, freeing up some of your precious time!

⦿ Keep your kids engaged long term
⦿ Easy & effective attention building