The innovative wireless bra

Size:  M
Colour:  Beige


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The innovative wireless br is supporting...

Bradiance is supporting the fight against breast cancer by donating 10% of its monthly profits to Breast Cancer Ligue. By purchasing from Bradiance, you are helping to fight a disease that affects tens of thousands of women each year.

Our commitment

Are you sick and tired of underwires digging in and hurting your breasts all day long? Have you ever tried an underwireless bra and been disappointed with how it supported your breasts? Well, we have good news for you, because you have come to the right place.



Unrivalled comfort: a quality lace carefully picked and manufactured by our craftsmen. Bradiance© provides you with all the necessary comfort so that you can focus on what really matters: living.


True support for your breasts: large, lined straps designed to ensure that your breasts are supported in a firm and soft manner, whilst allowing you to lift your breasts and correct your posture.


A Push-Up effect (but not too much): only the right amount of push-up to enhance your beautiful breasts.


A tremendous sex appeal: unlike other underwireless bras, Bradiance allows you to stay hot while maintaining your breast health.


A front closure: quit squirming to put your bra on thanks to Bradiance.

Are underwires to blame for breast cancer? Scientists don't all share the same opinion, but you must admit that when in doubt, it would be wiser to do without underwired bras.

This is the choice of thousands of women who have chosen to support them in their daily lives.