Ultra-Boost Seamless Leggings

Color:  Dark Gre
Size:  S


The Leggings All Influencers on Tik-Tok are Raving About!

Our Ultra-Boost™ Seamless Leggings combines seamless contouring and a high-waisted fit to provide you with the confidence and extreme comfort you need any time of the day. Our leggings are designed to highlight your natural body curve and make your booty look like a sexy peach

Why our Ultra-Boost™ Seamless Leggings?

Our leggings are designed to help you feel confident and beautiful in whatever outfit you decide to put on. The seamless design provides more comfort and stretch while the heart-shaped seam and smile contour highlights your body curve and provides a butt lift that makes your booty into one adorable peach!

✓ Super soft, flexible & comfortable
✓ Butt-lifting design to create the perfect peach look

✓ High waist control design to make you look slimmer
✓ Tone-compress material to enhance your overall body curves
✓ Flexible and fits the shape of your body
✓ Ideal wear for going out, yoga, gym, or just lounging at home

Designed to Give You that Perfect Peach Butt

Tummy control wide waistband with high quality stretch material to provide a smooth secure fit. You'll be turning heads at the gym, grocery store, anywhere you walk! The leggings are ideal for working out, running, yoga, or as a staple piece in your closet for that athleisure outfit! Never worry about the leggings being see through when bending over, feel confident and amazing with this uniquely designed legging!