Size:  35 EU / 3.5 US Men / 4.5 US Women
Color:  Grey Rocks


WillFeet™: the lightweight, durable, ultra-polyvalent pair of shoes that will fit !

Tailored to your feet, lightweight and with sturdy soles, WillFeet™ is slip-resistant, protective, and hyper-adaptive for its owner.

Fits your body's nature: The barefoot shoe is a shoe that minimally interferes with the natural movement of the foot, due to its high flexibility, low drop, low weight, low heel thickness, and the absence of stability and motion control technologies.

Scared of hurting your feet? Its soles are designed to resist cuts.

WillFeet™, the shoe for you

WillFeet™ offers complete protection to your feet: thin and barely noticeable, it keeps your feet perfectly safe. In addition to being comfortable and cozy, WillFeet™ is a great ally for many purposes.

Perfect for your hike and camping trips


Take them with you and save space. WillFeet™ is practical for both your running and walking moments.
Indeed, it is a second skin for your feet. WillFeet™ is very flexible and does not hold you back in any of the motion of your body. On the other hand, WillFeet™ helps you relax your feet with the comfort it brings you during your camping or walking.


Great for your travels

Are you about to travel long distances? Are you worried that your feet will be trapped in your shoes for several hours?
Worry no more! WillFeet™ is just your most reliable backup. This shoe will provide comfort and smoothness along your journey without exposing your feet to unbearable heat or bacteria.


Also designed to fit indoor sports

WillFeet™ is also very suitable for your sports activities in the gym. These footwear give you a very high stability and allow you to achieve successful workouts. WillFeet™ also helps you with proper posture that will allow you to take advantage of your deadlifts, planks and squats.
This is the shoe that matches your feet and body to perfection.


Non-slip and protective when you're on the move

When you're venturing out on an unstable trail such as slippery rocks, shifting sand or other unstable surfaces, these shoes will protect you properly. WillFeet™ gives you more confidence and keeps your feet as safe as possible during these moments.
Getting your feet cut while walking on sharp stones is a thing of the past.


Why limit the wearing of traditional shoes on your feet?

Today, several studies have already revealed that wearing shoes negatively affects the feet. Indeed, wearing shoes considerably weakens the foot muscles and generates a bad posture at the body level. As a result, other muscles in the body are heavily used to do the work reserved for the foot muscles.

To learn more, check out our blog posts at the end of the page.


WillFeet™, the shoe that fits your movements

Light, flexible and waterproof, WillFeet™ shoes help you perform foot movements naturally and without feeling discomfort. These shoes provide you with a great feeling of walking barefoot. In addition, the reliability of the WillFeet™ shoe coupled with the fact that it is toxin free (BPA free) makes it exceptional in every way.


Walk the way nature intended

A lightweight design

Lightweight and flexible to promote natural foot movement with a cushioned support base.

Safe and BPA-free

Our shoes are safe and toxin-free. We seek out the best materials that contain no suspect or harmful chemicals.


WillFeet's rugged, flexible sole rides up on your toes while keeping water off your feet.


Why should you choose WillFeet™?

WillFeet™ comes from a highly efficient production technology. This gives it the ability to protect your feet from several pains. This shoe helps its wearer to improve their posture and avoid lower back problems in the long run. It is simply a second skin that gives you a special feeling when you have them on your feet.

WillFeet™ combines flexibility, softness and comfort. It also helps you benefit from good posture, aligned shoulders and a straight back.

WillFeet™ is by far the best solution that brings more wellness to your feet. This type of shoe is a substitute for any other type of shoe that may be weighing you down.
Its uses are multiple, diverse and very versatile. Whether you are hiking, running, walking or traveling, WillFeet™ fits perfectly into your daily routine with its unique features and functionality.

WillFeet™ has a very unique look that makes it the shoe of the future. Otherwise, it is that shoe that allows you to experience outstanding moments.

Moreover, it is important to remember that the materials that were used to make this shoe are stretchy and highly breathable. Thus, WillFeet™ is highly elastic and hyper comfortable for your feet. It is made of three layers of polymers that make it very pleasant to the touch. On top of that, is has a great looking design and appealing features.

Give thanks to your feet for their supportive work by offering them freedom and safety!

Size Guide :

If you keep your socks on, you should go with your regular size.
If you prefer to wear WillFeet without socks, you can take your usual size or the size below.

EU US Men US Women UK Cm Inch
35 3.5 4.5 3 21-22  8.3-8.7
36 4.5 5.5 4 22-22.5 8.7-8.9
37 5 6 4.5 22.5-23.5 8.9-9.3
38 6 7 5.5 23-24 9.1-9.4
39 6.5 7.5 6 24-24.5 9.4-9.6
7.5 8.5 7 24.5-25.5 9.6-10
41 8 9 7.5 25.5-26 10-10.2
42 9 10 8.5 26-26.5 10.2-10.4
43 10 11 9.5 26.5-27.5 10.4-10.8
44 10.5 11.5 10 27-28 10.6-11
45 11.5 12.5 11 28-28.5 11-11.2
46 12 13 11.5 28.5-29.5 11.2-11.6